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Babies are interesting to watch.

Oliver found out that his new girlfriend is an illegal alien.

I let my sister use my new computer.

A teacher should never laugh at a student who makes a mistake.

She told the joke with a straight face.

You're the only person I know besides me who really understands this problem.

This is the same watch that I lost a week ago.

I want to learn French.

Ozawa had been demobilized from overseas and had just arrived this night into his hometown, Osaka, but he had heard rumors on the train about bandits roaming in the postwar cities and suburbs.


Can you tell me why you like Herve?


Call the doctor!

He will do his best to finish it on time.

She had the habit of wearing a ribbon on her hat; a different one each day, and each day a different colour.


Ravindran decided to run for mayor.

I can't tell you what it is.

That would be really great.


I still think we should've told Cory to come.

That life is mysterious, I admit.

Your car was washed by Ken.


He said good-bye for good.

Are you happy now?

It's bizarre.


I'll wait here for you.

Pilar would have liked to have stayed for dinner, but he had urgent business to attend to.

I'll be in the library.

You were fortunate to be here.

The courtier was enjoying great royal favor.

He barely spoke to me.

Vick demoted you.

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Many companies advertise their products on TV.


Caffeine is a drug.

So long as the human spirit thrives on this planet, music in some living form will accompany and sustain it and give it expressive meaning.

I'm inclined to agree with them.

I'll be late today.

We were both very tired.

Our boat won by two lengths.

That's probably a misprint.

The road curled around the side of the hill.

You had better be ready in case he comes.

They came in for a lot of criticism over doing that.

You gave as good as you got.

Duty had called him, and he left.

These gloves belong to her.

The sign says, "Closed on Mondays".

Travis crawled in through a window.


They met in a restaurant on the Left Bank.


Doug drove me to the airport.

You're not my father!

Well, this is a surprise.


He majored in drama at college.

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I think that something is bothering her.

She has waded into one controversy after another.

When pigs fly!

What he saw wasn't a ghost but just a figment of his imagination.

Fine weather added to the joy of our trip.

He does not like cats.

Will was later convicted.

He is respected by his friends.

That was a very great dinner.

What children! You send them to get candy and they return with a dog!

I often meditate on the meaning of life.

It takes us a long time to master a foreign language.

We know where Kenn is.

I don't have time to explain in detail.

Vishal has been released.

I didn't know her at that time.

Why would Ragnar want Archie dead?

I've eaten almost nothing.

I chose these shoes.

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My friend is looking for a new girlfriend.

The cutlery has disappeared.

I found this when I was cleaning out my closet today.

Don't let Kemal into this room.

He searched for me, found me, and now we're a couple.

The traffic was very heavy. The cars were lined up bumper to bumper.

Waking up is the opposite of going to sleep.

Lukas wants to eat fried rice.

That is a very good question.


In hot weather, water evaporates quickly.

Passion grew in their hearts.

Why does everyone need to learn English?

Alison worked closely with Joseph.

It isn't safe here.

We were delayed by the heavy traffic.

The baby likes milk.

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Nobody can deny that the prisoner is guilty.

I lied to him and he lied to me in turn.

Would you do that for me?

I wish I could prevent that from happening.

He is leading a life of ease.

This place is too shady for taking photos.

Jupiter is the most massive planet in the solar system.

You shouldn't go swimming after eating a big meal.

I must take back the money at all costs.

Please make up your mind once and for all.

We hardly ever see each other anymore. We might as well be strangers.

I have to ask them something.

He successfully passed the exam.


It's hard to figure out what's going on.

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There wasn't any furniture in that room.

Do you let Dick tell you what to do?

I don't watch TV very much.

Jaime has been at it all night.

We don't want to hurt you.

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Stuart hates being told to hurry.

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Morton asked me if he should ask Orville out.

There's a double standard.

Dogs can't tell colors apart.

There are plenty of places around here for someone to hide.

You're quite fussy, aren't you?


I can't just walk out on Starbuck.

This has got to stop.

Cory should be nervous.

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I'm the only one other than Clarissa who knows how to fix this.

The line was huge and stretched all the way around the block.

How is it? Is it alright?

He wants to be an engineer.

Just don't hurt me.

She could also hire a car.

The truth is I told a lie.

Go to your quarters.

Dorothy found the key that he thought he'd lost.

My grades didn't come up to my father's expectations.

The cuneiform script was used for more than 22 centuries.

He alters the altar while chipping away the stone.

The President says we must beef up our military forces.


Revised's behavior at the party was inexcusable.

This man is a police officer in the crime squad, not a criminal.

Wes doesn't speak French as well as he speaks English.

Have you seen Trying's phone?

Why did you leave him alone?

She pulled at his heartstrings.

I think I know what Mickey is doing.

Dan had lunch outside with Linda.

The crowd loved the concert.

Reading makes me happy.

There's some leftover food in the fridge.

I heard you and Walter had a big fight.

When did you last open the bag?

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This is so dumb.

The weather was very bad yesterday.

My money was stolen by a thief.

Farouk was desperate for Manny's affection.

Clem is wearing a new pair of shoes.

Roberta put a wet towel on Thomas's forehead.

Don't hide your face.


It was too cloudy to see the airplane.

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I thought I heard someone in the next room.

Norma wasn't put in jail for espionage.

I helped him once.

Television viewers see only what the camera shows.

What does the girl want to know?


Lum's imagination was aroused.


He told him he was adopted with his last breath.

Don't you think it's a good idea?

I know I did the right thing.

There are at least thirty students in our class.

How gullible does Valentin think we are?


'Radioactivity' is a chemical term.

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We've known each other for years.


Could somebody please introduce me to Lila?

These are old photos.

He reads a good deal.

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He was able to solve the problem with ease.

I can't study with you watching me.

There used to be a lot of fish in any river in Japan.


I wonder whether a man could live with only two hours' sleep a night.